Abdomen sans préparation : une alternative parfois rentable


acute abdominal pain
abdominal x-ray
bowel obstruction

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BEROUD, S. (2019). Abdomen sans préparation : une alternative parfois rentable: Abdominal X ray: sometimes a profitable alternative. Mediterranean Journal of Emergency Medicine, (27), 34-36. Retrieved from http://ojs.mjemonline.com/index.php/mjem/article/view/104


The use of abdominal X-ray is controversial in acute abdominal pain investigation. CT-scans are often preferred, yet accessibility to medical imaging can be difficult. Indeed, not all medical centres have a CT-scan Unit or a 24-hour access to this peculiar medical imaging thus increasing time to get a CT-scan. We report the case of a 64-year-old man, with atypical abdominal pain, for whom plain abdominal radiography showed pneumoperitoneum secondary to bowel obstruction. The abdominal X-ray enabled the medical care to be continued with the patient’s consent.



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