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The Mediterranean Journal of Emergency Medicine, established in 2009, published hundreds of peer-reviewed medical articles till the year 2021. During more than a decade, the globe witnessed major changes, wars and coups, pandemics and natural disasters, emergence of new diseases and new treatments. Due to these changes happening in the middle east and around the globe, and as this journal gained international recognition during these 12 years, a new horizon was met and the journal went international by launching POEM, Panorama OF Emergency Medicine, that will be taking over the medical articles, reviewed by pioneers in the field around the globe. MJEM will still be playing its crucial role in covering medical news concerning the middle eastern region.


December 4, 2023

"MJEM" was relaunched as “Panorama of Emergency Medicine” (POEM)

MJEM was revamped and launched as a new journal “Panorama of Emergency Medicine” (POEM) by New Health Concept (NHC)

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February 7, 2023